How to Choose the Right Wrap for Your Business – Cast Stretch Film vs Blown Stretch Film

Posted by in Types of Wraps on November 26, 2014

It’s important to choose the right wrap for your packaging needs to ensure the best protection for your products.

Cast Stretch Film

Cast Stretch Film is a very clear and easy to read wrap that stretches easily but has the ability to hold its stretch; shrinking back to its original size is very minimal.

Cast stretch film does secure its load, but is more likely to have shifting of product during transit, especially if film has been stretched too much. Cast stretch film also has cling on both sides, but the cling is minimal and is likely to stick to other pallets during transit which could cause tearing of the film.

Cast hand stretch film is used manually and cast machine stretch film can be used on all stretch film equipment. Just like blown stretch film, whichever you prefer, will depend on cost.

Both hand and machine stretch films are much more quiet than blown stretch film when being unwound from the roll.

Blown Stretch Film

Blown Stretch Film has a dull and hazy appearance that is tear resistant and has one sided cling so it will not stick to product, only itself.

You will need ample amount of force to stretch Blown film.  It will want to shrink back to its original size which in turn produces high holding power.

It is applied manually and is more frequently used in lower capacity packaging operations.

Blown machine stretch film is a quicker process and more efficient than manually applying the film to product.  It can be used on any stretch film machine and provides more security for loads.  Both hand and machine stretch film is loud when unwound from the roll.

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